Military Membership

Membership in the Miramar RC Flyers is open to all current MCCS patrons.  

This includes all active military and their dependents as well as retired military and now qualified veterans.

The fundamental requirement is that members must have a valid military ID (inc. CAC card or a retired military ID with the coded strip on the back.) or a current VHIC card.

Current membership fees for new MCCS patrons are $100 per year plus a $50 one time, non-refundable runway improvement fee.  Renewal fees for existing members are $75 per year

The MCAS Miramar Command currently prohibits the use of multi-rotor aircraft (quads, hex’s, etc.) as well as any aircraft using cameras (FPV, onboard photo or video recording, GoPro, etc.)

For other questions about membership please contact the membership coordinator

Submit your new military member online registration form now.