Legislation Action Required

UPDATE: If you had problems emailing we have included the full text below.

Dear Friends,

The City Council of Los Angeles has passed a damaging ordinance that severely restricts modeling within its borders. This ordinance is now waiting for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to sign. We have to convince him to reject this ordinance. My biggest fear is that this will set a precedent for other cities to use to restrict modeling. That is why I am asking members both in and outside of Los Angeles to take action.

Section 56.31 for unmanned aircraft systems would among other things;

  • Require “prior express authorization” to operate a model within 5 miles of a tower controlled airport.
  • Forbid all types of night flying.
  • Impose a hard limit of 400 feet above the ground for all model operations, anywhere within the city limits.

The ordinance provides for criminal penalties for any violation.

Los Angeles is a sprawling city that covers over 500 square miles. We can not allow this to become law.

Please join me in asking Mayor Garcetti to kill this ordinance by clicking here to send him an email opposing this new law. Please be sure to enter your first and last name in the email that is generated.

Time is of the essence so please act today.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

Lawrence Tougas
AMA District X Vice President