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Field Access Procedures

(Effective Feb 2019) Access to the MRCF flying site is controlled by a keyed lock which opens a gate to a road running just west of and parallel to the road previously used. The key is held by the PMO Office onboard MCAS Miramar. Military/DOD Club members must check out the lock key from PMO before flying at the field, and secure the padlock and return the key to PMO after all flying has ended. As a result, all Guest Flyers wishing to fly on a particular day need to ensure that a military member is going to meet them to unlock the gate when they arrive.

Most weekends the field is opened at 8:00 and closed around 11:00. If you want to fly, please make contact with the club via email to coordinate your arrival. There is a phone (858-775-4816) at the field that is answered any time members are present at the field.

IMPORTANT: Due to contractor activity within the bounds of the fence enclosing our field, it is important that military members ensure that our (PMO's) chain & lock is "daisy-chained" with the contractors' chain & lock. We want to avoid interfering with the contractors' access to the area.

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